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The MOLLARS ecosystem emerges as a beacon of change, where the boundaries between gaming, economy and community blur, creating a decentralized universe governed by its participants.

About MollarsToken


The MOLLARS ecosystem emerges as a beacon of change, where the boundaries between gaming, economy and community blur, creating a decentralized universe governed by its participants. MOLLARS is not just a game or a symbol; It is a path to autonomy, prosperity and social evolution.

This short article outlines the core principles and tokenomics behind MOLLARS and highlights true decentralization, a merit-based economy, and unbreakable community bonds. The flagship game “Survive & Thrive” invites players to chart their course through uncharted territories, where every action contributes to a universe rich in meaning and material wealth.

MOLLARS ensures sustainability and longevity through a deliberate post-launch founder exit, prioritizing professional management and community empowerment.

Project Information

Project Name :  MollarsToken
Registration year :  2023
Pre Sale  :  1 December 2023 - 1 May 2024 Price :  TBA

Project Details

Platform :  ERC-20
Total Tokens :  10.000.000

Token Information

Symbol :  MOLLARS

Token Distribution


Road Map


Smart Contract Development

Creating a secure and transparent smart contract for the $MOLLARS token, building trust through auditing and clear mechanisms.

community involvement

Igniting enthusiasm in our community through active participation on social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Instagram.


Token Launch

$MOLLARS – Mollars Token’s debut on the financial market is celebrated with a countdown to its exciting launch.

Partnership Development

To increase Mollars’ impact, we are expanding our reach by collaborating with developers, influencers, and content platforms.

Market Integration

The $MOLLARS token has been launched on leading Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) to facilitate easy trading for users.

Central Stock Exchange List

We increase $MOLLARS token visibility and trading opportunities by listing on top Centralized Exchanges (CEXs).

Marketing campaign

Launching an extensive promotional campaign across various media, leveraging influencer networks, and livestreaming on platforms like Twitch to grow the Mollars community.

Branding and Outreach

Under the guidance of experienced industry marketers, implement a comprehensive marketing plan to solidify our community’s presence in the decentralized space.


Exclusive Community Advantages

Providing unique benefits to the $MOLLARS community, including early access, exclusive content and engaging events.

Market Cap Milestone

It sets an ambitious target to reach a market cap of $1 billion, demonstrating the strength of the Mollars Token as a valuable asset.

Top CEX Listings

Securing positions on elite Central Exchanges to increase liquidity and ease of access for the Mollars community.

Industry Leadership

Establishing a strong presence in the crypto industry and related sectors, increasing the value and attractiveness of the token.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Beginning the development of a user-centered, decentralized exchange tailored to the needs and values of our community and our token.


Governance Transition

After establishing a strong foundation, transferring leadership to the community, ensuring that decision-making is compatible with decentralized values and community interests.

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MollarsToken (MOLLARS)

MollarsToken (MOLLARS)

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